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  • Hi I’ve been pointed in the direction of this page by Jebbs, he has put on some pictures of my dad (Roy Jagger Jaggsby) in the gallery section entitled The Royal Crowd. Unfortunately my dad passed away two months ago and he would have loved to have seen himself on the the “internet’s”!!

    • Well, Sarah, we go back such a long time, I was at your dad’s funeral, and was on the photos that were taken in the Whickham, I knew your dad from 65, I knew Jennifer well also, great times really nice guy, much missed and I hope that the website gives people a chance to remember all of us, thank you for posting, I hope you will pass the website on to your friends,

  • Hi guys! Stumbled on your site when browsing Leeds 60’s bands. I was a student at Leeds-Carnegie doing teacher training in the late 60’s. I’d played in local NE bands before going to Leeds, mainly as a drummer. On my course, I met a day-student from Otley called Geoff Chew, who happened to be lead guitar for Mouldy Warp. I went to their gigs with him and although 60’s soul wasn’t my main love, being a blues man primarily, when George, their slightly mental keyboards player left, I jumped at the chance of joining them, piano having been my second instrument. I had a couple of really enjoyable years in the band, playing at probably the same venues as you lot, and with the same local names. I remember The Outer Limits, Ellisons HogLine, The Bedrocks, and a few others. I’m still in contact with Geoff, who lives in Burley. He told me recently that most of the other guys are still alive and kicking, although maybe not gigging. I finished off back in the NE, managing to get a blues/rock band going called Mothers Lament, ( Yes, we did a lot of cream!) We had some great times supporting bands like Free, Government ( Coverdale’s first band), Van De Graaf, Eire Apparent, Lindisfarne,Osibisa, a reet good variety! Finished off doing the Bailey’s clubs with the like of Dave Berry, Adam Faith, Mudd, Chicory Tip etc etc …say no more! Now, I go to gigs and sit there like a frustrated old drummer, and the wife goes mental!

  • Iknew John from over 23 years ago when my family and I came to Canada from Liverpool. He had such an impact on me with his character that I still think of him after all thes years. RIP big man.
    Kenny Forfar, Jan, Vicky Andrew and Sophie.

  • Re: Ian J. Bell and Eden Roc. Needless to say all minds were a trifle muffled in that famous week, I don’t think the vegetables of Bournmouth have witnessed anything like it before or even after! I seem to remember recieving a token gift from 327,cliffe lane, of £10. I also recall that due to my dear partner in crime SLIM the said ammount that was to last the rest of the week was history after one evening and the lunchtime session the next day. That was the day we spent in the boozer with the rather large dark person. We must have been well oiled as I can’t remember Slim and I not taking up the challenge of some local I am tough person trying to be cute with the “boys”.
    RE the ice cream tricycle, I recall sitting the tossa taffy on the front box and Sewell held him while Slim launched the pair of them down the hill towards the roundabout, hence the afore mantioned crash. Shame old taffy didnt come off worst as he desserved it! I think Wints had had a half and pissed himself on the same occasion, having to throw his shreddies in the nearest receptacle, not a pleasant occasion for the local crumblies.
    As for the young ladies with the caravan I think the least said the better. The old b**tard who looked after the site didn’t get a wink of sleep – serves him glad.
    I just thought I may add that there has been no mention of any music played by our travelling band of players. Did we ever get to play anything that week, I certainly can’t remember. I recall Rosco and his musical radio ariel and some other disc jocky crawling up his arse, oh and some tasty black blues guitarist, (it wasn’t him from the boozer was it) Oh and the Gnome getting all gooie eyed when we passed Stone Henge. Its still there Kenny if you want to reminisce.
    Ah here is a quick recall. Freddy Kings backing band were called Killing Floor, reminds me of a certain caravan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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