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10 sept 2012 in Weatherspoons

Left to right: Kenny, Slim, Jebs, Michael Hey, John Hill, Chris Hasleman, Gary Lockwood


Notable in this recent photo (apart from Pete trying to pop his eyeballs out) are two Zany mates from way back. Far right is Jeffrey ‘Jebs’ Gosling whose father was the landlord of The Royal Hotel in Cleckheaton – the Zanies favourite watering hole. On the far left is John Hill.


Clive McCulloch, Kenny Rooke, Jeff Gosling, Graham Lockwood, John Hill

Photo taken circa 1988 – pints in hand (as usual), and yet another gathering of the ZWO clan.


David Leadbeater, Graham, and Tony Ellis

Photo taken circa 1988 – I always enjoyed a social pint or two when and catching up with ZWO mates whilst visiting from Australia.

– Graham –


Gaz’s brother Andrew Garside and David Leadbeater (Slim)

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