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The following pages are for bands that are related to The Zany Woodruff Operation in some way

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The Icebergs

Dates: 1965 – 1966

Lineup: Kenny Rooke – bass & vocals, David Clough – vocals, harmonica, William Goy – lead guitar, Keith Robinson – drums % vocals,

Notes: Kenny’s first band, Keith went on to play with The Guests who had a lot of success, Keith passed away 3 years ago.

The Black Fetters

Dates: 1965-1967

Lineup: Ken Fox – drums, Donald Richardson – bass, Stephen Hall – lead guitar, Ralph Sheperd – rhythm guitar and Neil Crowsdale vocals.

Notes: The Black Fetters were a Cleckheaton group who were rivals to the Icebergs,

museum 1967


Dates Nov 1967-March 1968.

Line up: Martin (Gaz) Garside s ago.- drums, Graham (Kyber) Lockwood, – Hammond Organ, Alan (Macthrurt)Rogers – Bass and Alan Holdsworth – Lead Guitar.

Notes: The band originated from The Zany Woodruff Operation after it split up.

Ian J Bell & The Eden Roc

Dates: 1968 to 1970

Lineup: Martin (Gaz) Garsides drums, Kenny (The Gnome) Rooke bass, Pete Sewall lead guitar, John (Wints) Wintony Hammond Organ, Jonn Jagger Trumpet, and finally Alan (Macthurt) Rogers Tenor Sax, and last but not least the one and only Mr Ian J Bell lead vocalist and showman extraordinary.

Notes: This band played all the major soul venues, Ian Fernsides replaced Gaz on drums for the last six months of its existence.


Dates: 1971 to 1972
Gaz drums, The Gnome bass, Pete Sewell lead guitar, Kyber Hammond Organ, Dave Milne, trumpet and finally the late but great jazz musician Rod Marshall, Flute 
We formed this band to play charity gigs, we played Cleckheaton Town Hall twice and The Shay club Halifax once, basically we played jazz-rock.


Dates: 1972-1979

Lineup: Ken Fox, drums vocals, Graham (kyber) Lockwood, Keyboards, guitar, lead vocals,Willy Watts, bass,vocals, Paul Robinson,bass,vocals,Steve Robinson,lead guitar,vocals and AB Burns, guitar and vocals.

Notes: The band played the Mecca circuit playing residences.

The Iron Horse

Dates: 1973-1974

Lineup: Kenny Rooke bass vocals, Dennis (Splint) Godwin drums vocals, Tod Chislett lead guitar, Accordion, vocals, Basically a working mens club trio,


Gym Dandy

Dates: 1974-1980

Lineup: Tod Chislett lead guitar accordion vocals, Dennis (Splint) Godwin drums vocals.


Skin Deep

Dates: 1975- 1976

Lineup: John (Wints) Wintony keyboards lead guitar, Kenny (The Gnome) Rooke bass and lead vocals, Dick Castle lead guitar and lead vocals and Dave Bussy drums.

Notes: Skin Deep played the rock band circuit and whilst they played covers they also wrote and performed many of their own compositions. After Skin Deep Wints had a long and prolific career as a musician playing with  Gerry and The Pacemakers and being his MD and also with Jimmy James and The Vagabonds, he toured Canada with both bands and then emigrated to Canada in 1987. Richard Castle is sadly now deceased, whilst Dave Bussy played with some very good bands in and around Bradford including Smokey and then with Wints in Jimmy James and The Vagabonds.


Dates:1977 to 1979

Lineup: Kenny Rooke, (The Gnome) bass, John Wintony (Wints) keyboards and guitar, Tina Willet drums.

Notes: The group originally consisted of Wints, the Gnome and Baz, this was Obo mark 1,Then Obo mark 2 was Wints,The Gnome and Tina Willet,Then came Obo mark 3 which consisted of Wints, The Gnome and finally Richard (Dick) Castle on drums.

Dolce Vita

Dates: 1980 to 1986

Lineup: Dave Noble – drums, Kenny Rooke – bass and lead vocals, Eddie Lockwood – guitar and lead vocals, Dave Briggs – lead guitar, harmonica and vocals, in 1983 Mick Lowe replaced Dave Briggs on lead guitar.

Notes: The band played around the local pub circuit, they played all their own material written by Eddie and Kenny.

Rival Bands

Graham Layden

Singer, songwriter, sang with the Tonebenders in the early days.

Neil Newsome


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