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27 Nov 2009
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7 Responses to Pete

  • I first came across Pete in 1979, and guess where? yeah thats right in the Royal pub. I was rehearsing with a band upstairs and he knew our drummer. We invited Pete to jamm along and we played ‘Jessica’ (Almond Bros). I could see then what talent this guy had as a guitarist. When we packed up we went back to his home and he gave us a rendition of various classical tunes. I later was in a band with Kenny and from then on I ocassionally came into contact with him. To me, Pete came across as a shy, unassuming guy who enjoyed his music.

  • December 14
    Just read the bad news. I will always remember 1967/68 and the great times we all had as one of the highlights of my life!! Pete was an integral part of that. He may have been the youngest, but he never missed out on any thing. Pete was a cheeky bugger, always laughing, didn’t seem to have changed much over the years when we had the reunion in 2006. We didn’t keep in touch over the years, but I am really sad to hear of his passing. So I guess I’ll have a beer for old times. in the Royal or the Wickham at Christmas, I’ll have a half for Pete too.

  • Pete, I remember those band scraps in the van and the bouts of drinking in the Royal with fondness. What about the night we spent in the van at Sheffield? This was the Eden Roc days, after Zany Woodruff. Also the times Pete and I caught the bus to Bradford, only to miss the Allerton Bus and have to walk the few miles to his house, where I often spent the night,in the snow, (after the bouts of drinking at the royal). His mum used to make the best breakfast in town.One of the nicest guys I know (I consider I do still know him) A great guitarist and a good friend. Even though we drifted apart over the years, he remains one of my best friends. Wints.

  • Sewell was world class,he joined me at an early age in the lunatic stakes,any problems anywhere anytime we were at the helm.As Kenny said earlier he enjoyed a swift half,he even tried to keep up with the Royal Drinking Team,no mean feat i may add.Petes party piece was to cover your eyes with his hands,but only when you were driving!Happy Times!We will all miss Pete,the loss of a fine musician and loony!My e-mail box and phone will not be the same.Dont change mate where ever you are.The next rounds on me!GAZ……………………………..

  • Pete was a musical genius, a flawed one though,the drinking was world class. I knew him from him the age of fourteen and I am proud to say he was a true friend. When the going got tough the Sewell was always by your side, I will miss you mate.

  • I’m devastated. When I played with Pete he was the “kid” in the band and that it should have come to this makes me so so sad. Recently, by e mail, I had half joked that we should get together and play some rock and roll but in my heart I really wanted to. Now it’s all too late. God bless you Pete wherever you are.

  • What a shock to hear that the youngest member of ZWO had passed away. Thanks to one of Pete’s ex-students for letting me know via email.
    I am grateful that we were able to play together again in 2006 – I consider this re-union one of the musical highlights of my playing career.

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