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This page contains information on some of the former members of Zany Woodruff that have been traced recently

GARSIDE, Martin  
Aka ‘Gaz’….Drummer extraordinaire, famous dodger & weaver…….


Current Location – County Durham, UK

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LOCKWOOD, Graham  
m2_khy Aka ‘Khyber’…due to high winds heading southerly. Found on New Years Eve laid across a zebra crossing muttering ‘I’ll play this bloody thing if it kills me……’

DOB: 04.09.1948 in Batley, West Yorkshire, UK

Current Location – Sydney, Australia

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ROOKE, Kenny  
m3_ken Alias ‘The Gnome’, favourite food – orange Poppets disguised as baked beans.

DOB: 03.02.1948 in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, UK

Current Location – Cleckheaton, UK

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SEWELL, Pete  
m4_pet Hand me my chiv………

DOB: 03.01.1951 in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, UK

Died: 24.11.2009 in Dewsbury aged 58 after a stroke

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WALKER, Russell John  
m5_rus Aka ‘Junior’ Walker…….

DOB: 22.09.1947 in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, UK.

Current Location – Gainesville, Florida, USA

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