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Reunion Gig notes

Reunion Gig Schedule (notes)

Headlines for 40th Anniversary:

March 2005
Pete & Kenny contacted by Graham, with offer of ZWO 40th gig.
Kenny Rooke at first sceptical about reunion and declines, since he hasn’t played bass since the last century.

April 2005
Pete is still teaching guitar and promises to help get the Gnome back into shape on the bass.
After application of lager & light pressure, the Gnome finally consents to rejoin ZWO again after 40 years.

May 2005
Russell Walker gets in contact via the web & wants a piece of the action, and makes it known that he intends to be at the ZWO 40th with or without tenor sax.

June 2005
Although Martin is not online, a phonecall from Sydney to the UK confirms his place in the engine room of the ZWO. We now have Gaz on drums.


1. Reunion set for 1st April 2006 – 8pm onwards.
2. Venue: The Park View Bar (formally Cleckheaton Bowling Club Ltd.)
3. Repertoire now fixed & finalised – rehearsals to take place approx 1-2 weeks before the gig (yes, we’re going to actually rehearse our old stuff!)
4. Gaz & the Gnome look at sourcing some equipment for the event.

Future undertakings……

1. Practise beer drinking.
2. Khyber to book his UK ticket in July 2005.
3. The legions of Zany fans that aren’t deceased or in old folks homes should contact one another and spread the news. This means you!!
4. Local UK media to be contacted to try and get some publicity.

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